• F1390

    I am the FEELING 13.90

    May 2016

    I am the new Feeling : FEELING 13.90, referring to my very well-known little brother, the Feeling 1090. Keeping the Feeling DNA, I have my own design and style.
    Here are my specifications :
    Length overall : 13,80m / 45'3
    Hull length : 13,02m / 42'6
    Beam : 4,30m / 14'
    Draft : 0,92m / 3' to 2,80m / 9'2
    Naval architect : Marc Lombard
    Material : GRP

    Unique features of a lifting keel yacht‬ like me :
    180 ° external view from the saloon.
    Centreboard housing located below floor level with an access for maintenance afloat.
    Two small fins on the hull contribute to improve upwind performance and stability when drying out.
    Heavy displacement hull with a rounded bow and an emerged forefoot for circumnavigations (or not !) in ultimate comfort.

    Now you know more about me and if you wish more information, don't hesitate to contact "Cathy Trichet from Privilege Marine Ship(..)" !

  • New Feeling

    I am a New Feeling

    April 2016

    I am a New Feeling and definitively I am a lifting keel sailboat !
    Length : ?m
    Beam : ?m
    Draft : ?m to ?m
    Material : ?
    Naval architect : ?
    Innovations : ???
    You wish to learn more about me ?

    "Contact Cathy Trichet from Privilege Mar(..)"

  • Voile Mag article

    Magic of Lifting keel

    April 2016

    Here it is ! The article has been published in Voile Magazine ! Discover the magic of the Lifting Keel through the sail test of the Feeling 39 by Alessandro Di Benedetto.

    "Here is a video foretaste ! "

  • Feeling 39 landed

    Feeling - THE lifting keel sailboat

    March 2016

    Discover in the next issue of Voile Magazine (French mag) the pleasures of the lifting keel through a sail test of a Feeling 39 by Alessandro Di Benedetto.
    You would certainly appreciate the beautiful pictures of this sailboat landed on the "banc du Bûcheron" at the island of Ré... Magic and unforgettable moments !
    We can easily imagine a family onboard for a long distance cruising, discovering surprising places...

  • TEST Feeling 39 : Weich durch die Wellen

    January 2016

    Sail test of the Feeling 39 by Alessandro Di Benedetto in German.

    Schnell wird klar, dass unser Testschiff sehr ausgewogen segelt und keiner groben Kurskorrekturen bedarf...

    Voir le document Sail test F39 Segeln (pdf)

  • Video F32

    VIDEO Feeling 32 by ADB

    November 2015

    Wish to discover a lifting keel sailboat of 10m long allowing to sail wherever you want, in safety and nice comfort ?
    Have a look on this video to visit the new Feeling 32 by Alessandro Di Benedetto - Millesime 2016.
    This boat is a real jewel, especially with the materials and the possibilities to custom as per your wishes.
    The one we present you here, for example, is in mat maple wood in a 2 cabins version + head and a technical access from inside and also from outside via the cockpit.

    "Visit the Feeling 32 now !"

  • F44 video 360

    Reality virtual visit of the Feeling 44 by ADB

    October 2015

    Discover the Feeling 44 by Alessandro Di Benedetto differently and become actor of the video you are watching !
    The 360° reality virtual visit allows you to click and drag to move the image and watch around.

    Equipped with a VR headset and a smartphone, this new technology gives you the impression of total immersion !

    "Feeling 44 - video 360° !"

  • Interview VDH-Feeling 1040

    A Feeling 1040 leads her sailboat ranking

    October 2015

    With a skipper like Jean-Luc VDH, the Feeling 1040 "Algimouss" (27 years old) wins most of all the regattas she sails ! The secret : her original hull but always performant... the tactic... her crew (Jean-Luc of course but crewmen like Ghislain BEE from the research and development department of Privilege Marine shipyard)... her sails (made by the French sailmaker TAROT in Les Sables d'Olonne)... Find the answers in this video !

    "Interview of Jean-Luc VDH on his Feeling(..)"

  • F44 barre à roue

    NIce sailing !

    September 2015

    With 28kts to 30kts wind speed, 35kts wind gust and a long swell with 2m height waves, the Feeling 32 and Feeling 44 by Alessandro Di Benedetto sailed back to Les Sables d'Olonne upwind from La Rochelle to the "Pointe du Payré", after the "Grand Pavois" show. The Feeling 44 sailed between 6,5 and 7kts with mid-furled genoa + 1 to 2 reefs taken in the mainsail. Nice conditions for the customer who made a sail test of the Feeling 44 !

  • Feeling Range

    FEELING at the Grand Pavois of La Rochelle

    September 2015

    If you have followed the adventures of Clem and Lou on their Feeling, you should know that they were sailing on fantastic lifting keel version which made them discovering different way to sail with such a sailboat : the "cabotage" on the Atlantic coast - the long distance cruising especially crossing the Bay of Biscay - discovering lovely coves in the Med - sailing on the River... If you wish to make a similar program, meet us at the Grand Pavois of La Rochelle from September 2015, 16th to 21st.

    The team will be very pleased to organise a visit of the Feeling 32 and Feeling 44 especially with the presence of well-known sailors like Jean-Luc Van Den Heede (VDH).

    see you very soon !

  • Loustic

    Feeling 39 by Alessandro Di Benedetto - Regatta

    July 2015

    Discover the testimonial of Sebastien, owner of the Feeling 39 by ADB "LOUSTIC", which have participated to the regatta "Record SNSM 2015" with his sailboat.
    He shares his adventure in the "expressions" section and explains in detail the different steps of this regatta with passion.
    We are pleased to congratulate him and the crew for their performances.

    "Testimonial on a Feeling 39"

  • Couv Bateaux

    Feeling 44 in the news headlines

    June 2015

    The whole Feeling team and the team of the Privilege Marine shipyard is pleased to announce the new Feeling 44 by Alessandro Di Benedetto is in the news headlines of the French magazine "BATEAUX" !
    This is the sign that this model, even with her 10 years old hull, is still seducing and stays always in the air.
    In the publication of "Bateaux", as in other foreign magazines, it is clear : the Feeling 44 by ADB is a real improved version with many touches that will appeal to bluewater sailors.
    In a word, this is a successful rediscovery !

  • F32 electric

    Feeling 32 100% electric ! - VIDEO

    May 2015

    Developped by Oceanvolt, this 100% electric solution has been installed on a lifting keel Feeling 32.
    Through this video you can appreciate the installation and the way it works.
    "VIDEO demonstration by Oceanvolt !"

  • F44 sailing

    Feeling 44 : New pictures

    May 2015

    Discover the new pictures of this gorgeous Feeling 44 by Alessandro Di Benedetto in the dedicated section.
    Directed by Alessandro, this Feeling 44 creates sensation in the Bay of Les Sables d'Olonne with her very original colour. And she is changing depending on the light… Very nice !

    NEW PICTURES of the Feeling 44

  • Rassemblement Feeling

    A Feeling gathering

    April 2015

    The Feeling Club is organizing a Feeling gathering in Porquerolles (in the Med) from May 1st to 3rd, 2015.
    The owners of Feeling will spend a nice time, sailing, eating together.

    If you wish more information, don't hesitate to visit the website of the Feeling Club.

    Next event : A Feeling gathering in the Atlantic side, at Locmiquélic, from May 8 to 10, 2015.