History of the Spring Festival Gala – Spring Festival Gala China

The Spring Festival in China is very important for the Chinese people. In fact, it is considered to be their very own national festival. This festival is held in the month of June in Shanghai, which is the capital of China. During this special day, the Chinese people show their love and gratitude towards God.

spring festival gala chinese

The Spring festival in China is an annual event. The spring festival is a national cultural and spiritual event. It consists of various activities that include dancing, music, arts and craft. It is also considered to be one of the largest Chinese festivals. People normally dress up in long-sleeved tunics and also wear masks. The main feature of the Spring Festival is the parade. The parade is the highlight of the event and the main reason why the people dress in long sleeves and masks. The parade is accompanied by a grandiose display of music and dance.

History of the Spring Festival Gala

Before CCTV aired the program first in 1983, Beijing Television irregularly broadcasted New Year’s Eve shows from 1956. These shows were considered by many to be the predecessors of the Gala. The evolution of the Spring Festival Gala is seen by many as a representation of China’s technological growth.

In 1996, the spring festival gala was broadcasted from three separate studios in Beijing, Shanghai, and Nanjing.  This feat was repeated in 2016 when it showed live split-screens in four major cities: Guǎngzhōu (广州), Hū lún bèi ěr (呼伦贝尔), Quánzhōu (泉州), and Xī’ān (西安).

The addition of Light-Emitting Diode (LED) bulbs to the stage in 2009 also significantly enhanced the viewing experience. Currently, the Spring Festival Gala is the most-watched arts and performance event in the world. When families gather for the for New Year’s Eve dinner, they gather in front of the television set to watch the Gala and eat dumplings.

During the Spring Festival, different types of costume are worn. There are traditional Chinese dresses, formal outfits, colourful costumes, masks and even masks that are made from paper. These costumes are very popular among the Chinese people as they express their pride and loyalty to their ancestors.

Spring Festival

The most popular parade during the Spring Festival is the Long March. The Long March is the most famous parade that is attended by Chinese people in Shanghai. It is mainly because this parade is known as the oldest of all Chinese festivals.At the Long March, Chinese people wear long skirts and colourful clothing that include white and red costumes. Red hats and red shoes are also worn along with white dresses and red sashes. A red lantern and flags are also carried along with the procession.

In addition to the clothes that are worn, there are many other colourful red carpets that are distributed by the local officials and citizens in the procession. Along with the red carpets, Chinese dancers also step on red and blue red drums.The people dress up according to the customs and traditions of the ancestors, as they are marching in the procession. So, on this special day, Chinese people show the best wishes to their loved ones, pray for prosperity and love and at the same time express their gratitude towards God.

On the Day of the Dragon Boat, the people dress up beautifully and offer great value and respect to their ancestors. This is also a big occasion to bring good luck to the country. People wear red and green Chinese costumes and some people even have white and gold dragon hats. They all put red and green carpets over their heads and also hold large red and blue lanterns.

When it comes to men’s costumes, the red and white costumes are the most important. However, the traditional outfit that is worn by the women is white.There are different kinds of embroidered clothes that are worn by women during this festival. There are dresses that are made from silk, brocade and silk rugs and Chinese silk cloths and there are also long tunics that are decorated with gold and blue ribbons.Men wear long jackets, pants, waistcoats and scarves. Wearing a white shirt with a red bow tie and a pair of blue jeans is considered to be a traditional outfit for Chinese men during this day.

Women can also wear beautiful dresses that are made from white silk, cotton, silk and chiffon. They may also wear silk flower and dragon brooches as part of their clothing. On the Spring Festival Chinese people also light up the lanterns and the moon with incense and dance around the streets in the streets. It is not only the men who dance but women also enjoy themselves by dancing and singing along with the people.